About Us


St. Francis Catholic School was established as our Board's second French Immersion centre in September,1988 with an opening enrollment of 119 Kindergarten to Grade 3 students. Given its unique character and size in the initial year, it was deemed opportune by both administration and staff to formulate a philosophical perspective for the school. This framework would hence identify our school's fundamental mandate, aspirations and goals. Our mission statement, therefore, serves as a common reference and guide that will assure continued commitment to: meaningful learning, excellence in instruction and professional growth.

School Colors - blue and white
School Mascot - the Dolphin
School Prayer - Prayer of St. Francis - Prayer of Peace

Catholic Dimension

"Jesus, for His part, progressed steadily in wisdom and age, and grace before God and men." (Luke 2:52)

As partners with the parents and parish, in the spiritual formation of our students, the school's religious dimension will be expressed through the celebration of Catholic values in word, example and sacraments. The values of our Catholic faith are interwoven throughout the curriculum. Acceptance, sharing and cooperation will mark individual behaviors. Harmonious personal relationships and ready availability will attest to the Gospel message of Christian love and will contribute to an ambiance of accord, welcome and warmth within our school community. We, at St. Francis, strive to develop within students the necessary life learning tools of communication, problem solving, decision-making and creativity. We try to recognize, enhance and encourage each student to develop his/her unique gifts.

We walk as one toward faith, knowledge and wisdom.

Immersion Character

Every occasion, both within and beyond the classroom will be used to sustain and encourage the school's immersion character. The teachers will provide excellent models of French and English expression. They will urge the students to use the second language at every given opportunity. Aspects of French culture, tradition, music and custom will be incorporated into curriculum units where possible. When feasible, French language experiences beyond the classroom will be promoted. It is recognized that second language learning is most effective when both duty and dialog are meaningful, relevant and real. In addition to the acquisition of language, positive attitudes towards the language and to those who speak it will be nurtured and developed.


It is recognized that children are the essence and purpose of our school. Each child is regarded as special and unique. As such, meaningful learning opportunities will be provided which respond to each child's particular needs and individual learning style. Within a caring and supportive atmosphere, the teachers and support staff will undertake to initiate educational activities and experiences which contribute to the on-going development of each child's spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth. Our student-centered philosophy expresses itself in many ways but most especially in our continued striving to recognize God within each of us.

~ School Activities ~

A number of student-centered and family-focused activities take place during the school year. In addition to building school spirit and strengthening the home/parish partnerships with the school the following activities help supplement academic expectations and foster personal growth.

Daily and monthly recognition to acknowledge the effort
to speak French at school

Family BBQ night

Book Fairs


Mass and parapturgical celebrations

Summer Playday

Field Trips

Choir Club

Festival of Song

Grade 6 Farewell

Year-end Student Recognition Ceremony

Monthly recognition of the students who demonstrate
our Catholic Virtues

Concours d'art oratoire

Christmas Caropng

Christmas Turkey Dinner


Winter Electives

Green Club

Cross-country Running Club

SK Graduation

St. Francis Idols

Summer Literacy Bags